Sara & Johel provided a top-notch experience for our son!

“Our son had the experience of a lifetime with Sara and Johel in Costa Rica. After attending the first introductory meeting for the trip, we were impressed with how organized and ambitious Sara is, and part of us honestly wondered how she and Johel were going to pull it all off. We committed to the trip because we thought it was a good length, we liked the location in that it was in a safe Latin American country, it was a service trip with some leisure, and most of all we knew that our son would have an immersive experience by living with a family in the rural community of La Flor. Frankly, we were prepared for the trip to be rough around the edges since it was the first trip they were organizing, but Sara and Johel provided a top notch experience for our son. We would not have changed anything about it! Johel and Sara considered every detail in planning the meetings before the trip, in preparing the English lessons to be taught at the school, in organizing the fundraising dinner that the students prepared themselves, and in lining up all the activities on the trip itself. In addition to being responsible and organized, Sara and Johel are kind, approachable, friendly and fun, and the kids enjoyed being around them. As parents, we had no problem entrusting them with our son for 10 days. As a participant, our son appreciated the natural beauty of his surroundings in Costa Rica and eating freshly picked passionfruit off the trees, but his favorite part of the trip was the time he spent interacting with his host family and the incredibly warm and welcoming people in La Flor.”