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"Family Adventurers Explore Costa Rican National Park with GoTico - Immersed in Costa Rica's Breathtaking Natural Wonders

We are a travel organization directed by two Costa Rica-loving Midwesterners (one by chance, one by choice). Combined, we have over 25 years of experience growing up, living, traveling, raising kids, and hosting trips in Costa Rica. We've explored this country high and low and experienced most travel and living adventures than you can imagine.

A small business...with a whole lot of experience.


Who We Are

Are you interested in having a travel experience unlike any other? Come visit us at Go Tico! Costa Rica, where you'll have the opportunity to engage with local people, support family businesses, and travel to amazing places away from the crowds of tourists. Check out our video here

to learn what Go Tico! is really about. 

Guiding Group Through Bajos del Toro Waterfall Hike - Exploring Costa Rica's Natural Beauty - Adventure and Exploration


Go Tico! coordinates and hosts small-group travel to incredible, off-the-beaten-path locations in Costa Rica.  We strive to make every trip an authentic reflection of what makes Costa Rica spectacular. As a small business, we support and accommodate the interests of each traveler to ensure a life-changing experience.


We want all travelers with Go Tico! to become part of our family.  We design our trip with your specific objectives from Spanish immersion to biodiversity exploration to rest and rejuvenation. We coordinate with you every step of the way to make sure your questions are answered and your trip is amazing. 

Families Exploring Costa Rica with GoTico - Creating Lasting Memories Together - Unforgettable Adventures Await
Hiking Through Costa Rican Canyon - Experiencing Adventure and Natural Beauty - Discovering the Thrills of Canyoning

The best, most unique international trips to Costa Rica....hands down

As not only the directors but also the hosts on hosted trips, we get to know each and every one of our travelers, as we coordinate your trip details ourselves, not outsourcing to someone we've never met.  We make sure your questions are answered and your trip is amazing. We truly love Costa Rica and are thrilled to be able to share our love of this country with you!

Let's just make your trip to Costa Rica amazing, ok?

We believe that the best way to explore Costa Rica is to truly live it. There are many businesses out there to help you connect to major tourist sites and the busiest parks and destinations in Costa Rica. We can connect you with those, too.  But what we can do that others can't is expose you to more than that! We have deep connections in this country and take the personal initiative to know what bounties the awesome Costa Rican nature around us has to offer. We are excited to engage you in the wonderful and welcoming areas off the beaten Costa Rica tourist path.

Volunteering with Local Children in Costa Rica - Sharing Joy and Cultural Exchange - Making Meaningful Connections

Find La Flor, Costa Rica on a Map

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