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Costa Rican zipline adventure through lush rainforests!
 Life-Changing Family Getaways   to Costa Rica 



Awesome family trips are what we do best!

Our family has trekked up mountains and through rivers, watched turtles lay eggs, swam in waterfall pools, harvested fresh honey, made chocolate from scratch, walked tropical beaches, held snakes, touched sloths, scouted wild monkeys, sipped water from coconuts,  gawked at 500 year-old trees, rode horses through fruit fields, and so much more.  Each of these experiences are perfect for families with kids of all ages who want to experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica.
Family enjoying Joys & Leo casitas
Beach Tortuguero
Cerro Pelado Camping

Sample Itineraries
We are happy to customize your itinerary from scratch!

Take-It-All-In Tour: Nature & Cooking

Day 1
Airport pickup & transport to host community
La Paz waterfall visit

Day 2
Waterfall hike in Bajos del Toro
Optional swimming in waterfall pools

Day 3
Morning wildlife boat tour
Chocolate tour
Evening cooking class with community members

Day 4
Host community day:
Local agricultural & flora tour
Sugarcane juicing
Afternoon cooking class with community members
Evening pass to local thermal waters 

Day 5
Arenal National Park hiking
Sloth tour

Day 6
Kayaking & swimming in Costa Rica's deepest lake
Night walk in Biological reserve

Day 7 
Depart for airport


Some of Everything: Water, 
Land, Wildlife

Day 1
Airport pickup & transport to host community

Day 2
Waterfall hike in Bajos del Toro

Day 3
Guided Sarapiqui River boat tour
Guided horseback riding tour

Day 4
Ziplining in La Fortuna

Sloth tour
La Fortuna exploration (dinner not included)

Day 5
Whitewater rafting 

Day 6
Guided bird watching tour at Biological Reserve with region's longest suspension bridge

Optional afternoon local agriculture & flora tour in host community with sugarcane juicing 

Day 7 
Depart for airport


What's Included:
-Three meals on full days and one meal on Days 1 & 7
-Certified Guiding on noted hikes
-In-country transportation 
-Airport pick up & drop-off
-Accommodations in fully-equipped cabins


1. Email us at to let us know you are interested in visiting. 
Don't worry if your plan is nothing more than wanting to take your kids to Costa Rica!

2. We'll send you a short survey to get an idea of your needs and wants for your visit.

3. Based on your responses we'll put together several itinerary options which you will  review, ask questions about, etc.

4. When we settle on an itinerary you love, we'll get everything booked and coordinated on our end

5. You'll receive the final itinerary details and prepare for an awesome trip!

If we are also hosting your trip there will be a few more steps, but the last is the same: prepare for an unforgettable experience in Costa Rica! 
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