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Laguna Hule, Costa Rica
Customized Trips to Costa Rica


Group of buddies.
Student Org.
HR Manager.
Soccer Coach.

So you know you want to go to Costa Rica. Maybe you want to take your students abroad. Maybe you're looking for a spring break vacation. Maybe you need to coordinate an off-site team-building trip. Whatever the reason, you know three things:

1. You are traveling with a group
2. You want someone to handle your travel plans
3. (and maybe...) You want that someone to host your trip as well, not only coordinating the trip but guiding you along the way (Teachers?  Coaches?)

That's where we come in: we can help with all that. We've lived in the states. We live in Costa Rica. We've traveled with and without kids. We've traveled as high school and college kids. We've explored a whole lot of this country. And we would love to help you explore it to...with as much or little support as you need.
Oh, and as a side note--> Talk to us about how you can join the trip for free.
So you, too, want to head to Costa Rica. But maybe beyond just traveling to explore this awesome country, you want to do a little more. Maybe make music. Maybe facilitate discussions. Maybe engage a group in team-building where they might be a bit out of their comfort zone. Whatever you want to do, you know three things:

1. You are awesome at what you do
2. You have a group of people interested in doing this awesome thing with you
3. But.....(maybe) want to just get to Costa Rica and do it. But how? Where? When?

That's where we come in: we can help with all that. We love to support awesome people doing what they love and doing it while exploring Costa Rica. So let's work together, you bringing the group and your expertise for the retreat, and us putting together the logistics, the behind-the-scenes, and the travel component of the retreat.

Yoga Instructor
Drum Circle Leader
Youth Programs Coordinator
Science Teacher
Chef. Cook. Foodie.


Arenal Volcano
Whitewater rafting Sarapiqui
Volunteer in Costa Rican School


1. Reach out to us: This is always a good place to start.
And don't worry if you know nothing more than "I want to go to Costa Rica.  I'm an 8th grade Spanish teacher." We can start there!
2. We'll have a conversation: who is going?  When do you want to go?  How long do you want to go for?  What's your budget?  You know, all of those Costa Rica trip-planning questions.  
3. We'll put together several options based on your needs.  You review, ask questions, etc.
4. Once we have an itinerary you love, we set the wheels in motion on our end to get everything booked and coordinated.
5. You get the final itinerary (if we aren't hosting your group) and get ready for an awesome trip.  
--> If we happen to also be hosting your trip (yay - we're excited to meet you all in person!), there will be a few more steps, but the last step is the same: just get ready for an awesome adventure!


Contact us through this Google Form so that we can get a little more info before helping you to choose or plan your trip! 

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