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Retreat to La Flor

​Reservations and questions: Sara at

Our partner organization, Casitas Joys & Leo, are two beautifully cozy, fully-equipped cabins (or little houses) for our hosted groups or for general rental. They are an especially sought-out stay for tourists driving to the main and most popular attractions around Costa Rica and are looking for a unique place to check out en route to more touristy destinations.


​Each of the Casitas are able to accommodate six people. Designed to be homey yet functional with a spacious bathroom, nice-size kitchen, dining and living room.  A private porch overlooks bird-filled trees, the beautiful countryside and the surrounding mountains.  

We hope you find these to be the perfect place to relax after your days of engaging in our programs, a wonderful place to work remotely (great wifi available), or to engage in an authentic cultural experience within 20-45 minutes of many fabulous tourist attractions. 


​​Casitas cabin rental is available with a minimum two-night stay. Meals can be provided at the cafe for an additional charge and each Casita is equipped with a fully-equipped kitchen. We would also be happy to help with travel coordination and movement around the country. 


A vacation should be about finding your center and getting away from your worries, both personal and professional. We encourage you to make the Casitas your home away from home during your visit to Costa Rica! We can help you plan a customized retreat, allowing you to become more attuned to nature, spend quality time with family and friends, and truly live a local Costa Rican life. While staying in the Casitas, you will have several activities to choose from. Trying your hand at a Costa Rican cooking class, swimming in a nearby spring-fed swimming hole, relaxing in the shade, and simply taking in the serenity and wildlife with a good book are just a few ideas.

Spending time in nature leads to cognitive benefits, improvements in mood, and mental health and the Casitas can help foster a sense of well-being.The property itself is a start-up reforestation project, previously a pineapple plantation.  This property fosters a commitment to wellness, both the human-kind and the natural-kind, as we work to revitalize the soil and return trees, plants, and vegetables to the area without use of synthetic chemicals, insecticides or herbicides. Little by little, this beautiful piece of property is becoming a mecca for birds, lizards, insects, flowers, fruits, and more. Come see & experience it for yourself.

Plan your retreat experience today!

Use THIS Google form to get in touch with us to see how you can make Casitas part of your next travel plan

The Café

Cafe Madison is a small unique rural dining experience that encourages guests to linger, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy high quality international cuisine that emphasize local produce and meats. Presently open to Casitas guests and pre-reserved event guests, Cafe Madison is a unique alternative to more traditional cuisine found in the Rio Cuarto region.

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