Our partner organization, Casitas Joys & Leo, are two beautifully cozy, fully equipped cabins for our hosted groups or for general rental. Able to accommodate six people each, we designed these to be homey yet functional with a spacious bathroom, nice-size kitchen, dining and living room.  A private porch overlooks bird-filled trees, neighborhood cows and on sunny days, the surrounding mountains.  We hope you find these to be the perfect place to relax after your days of engaging in our programs, a wonderful place to work remotely (great wifi available) or to just get away from the more-trampled areas of Costa Rica while still being within 20-45 minutes of many fabulous tourist attractions. 

The property itself is an organic-farm work-in-progress. Previously a pineapple plantation, we have worked full-time to revitalize the soil and return native trees, plants, and vegetables to the area without use of synthetic chemicals, insecticides or herbicides.  Little by little, this beautiful piece of property is becoming a mecca for birds, lizard, insects, flowers, fruits, and more.  

Casitas Joys & Leo cabin rental is available with a minimum two-night stay.  All-meals included available if desired or cook for yourself in the fully-stocked kitchen.  We'd also be happy to help with travel coordination and movement around the region. 

Reservations and questions: Sara at casitasjoysleo@gmail.com.

The Café

Just as the Casitas wrapped up, we broke ground for our accompanying cafe: a small, unique rural dining experience that will encourage guests to linger around the property, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy high quality, international cuisine that emphasize local produce and meats.  The to-be-named Cafe is slated to open in early 2022.