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Our Go Tico! family engages travelers in authentically local experiences where wellness and connections to community & nature thrive.

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At GoTico! we can provide...

  • Soccer camps

  • Spanish immersion experiences, including connection with a host family

  • Fully equipped Casitas for rent

  • Group travel coordination

  • Itinerary planning 

  • Certified expert tours of rural Costa Rica

Hiking in the rainforest
      As an anxious mom, I had an assortment of worries about my son taking this trip to Costa Rica – How safe would he be? What if the host families are not nice? How will he reach me if he needs to if leaving his cell phone at home is recommended?  He came back saying it was one of the best trips he’s had. When the trip was offered again the following summer, he definitely wanted to go back again and did. Sara and Johel do an excellent job of planning activities, keeping everyone safe, and introducing kids to their host families (which were great!) ahead of time. Leaving the phone at home was A good call, as it allowed my son to be fully present and appreciate the new experiences as they were happening. If needed, the kids do have access to Sara and Johel’s phones. They also call or email home regularly during the trip to check-in. I am so grateful to Sara and Johel for giving my son the opportunity to join them in Costa Rica. He came home with great stories, beautiful pictures, new friendships, and a deeper understanding of culture and connectivity as related to the bigger world picture. 

Real Experiences & Testimonies

With more than two years of COVID pandemic mandates, restrictions, virtual learning, remote work, and social distancing under our belts, authentic connection with others, with nature, and in destinations other than our own small circles is more important than ever. With anxiety and depression on the rise and the ever-present demands of balancing our work and school commitments, attempts to find time for ourselves, our families, and our children, our own mental and emotional well-being regularly falls by the wayside. Now more than ever, the opportunity to truly disconnect and explore the incredible natural beauty and time that visiting Costa Rica offers is priceless.  Go Tico! Costa Rica believes that nature and human connection truly contribute to our overall well-being. In each of our trips, you will find opportunities to disconnect from the rat race that can sometimes be our lives and really center your energy around yourself, your family, exploring, learning, and connecting with what really matters.  

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