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Our Values

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Community Engagement

The lovely, tranquil community of La Flor is what makes traveling with Go Tico! so unique, so much so that we strive to give back.  We run a Community Library, encouraging a love for reading and a safe, healthy evening activity for local youth, and frequently volunteer our time at local schools.  You can be assured that spending your vacation with Go Tico! will not only be an incredible experience for yourself but also support the community around you.

We at Go Tico! believe in Pura Vida which is a common phrase in Costa Rica that means to live a pure life (free from chronic stress and isolation). Those interpersonal and authentic human connections are what is missing in so much of how the world is now operating. At Go Tico! we strive to promote emotional and spiritual well-being so you will leave your trip felling rejuvenated and whole learn more HERE

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