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La Flor, Costa Rica town

Welcome to La Flor

Located in the Northern Central valley of Costa Rica one hour East of the famous Arenal Volcano is the small community of La Flor in the region of Rio Cuarto.  With about 300 residents, the town also has a pulperia (corner store), religious hall, elementary school, soccer plaza, and an expansive Dole pineapple plantation.  A single dirt road runs the length of the town, extending toward more sizable Pital to the Northwest and Venecia to the Southwest.

La Flor is a wonderfully safe and friendly community, and many of the residents are extended family or friends who have lived in the town for years.  Most men in the community work in agriculture, specifically pineapple, transporting, harvesting or managing plantations.  Most women care for children or grandchildren at home while also running a small side business, such as baking, sewing or raising chickens and selling their goods to residents or nearby towns.  The local grocery store is a 15 minute walk away in nearby La Tabla.  The odds of crossing paths with a sloth, some leaf cutter ants, a toucan, or a poison dart frog en route are high.  Nearby is a freshwater, spring-fed river that forms a cool, clean swimming hole many residents frequent, as the climate is quite hot and often humid.

The local elementary school, Escuela La Flor, serves grades Kindergarten through sixth in three classrooms.  Students attend classes in either the morning or afternoon, learning math, science, social studied, and Spanish.  Due to its small student body and rural location, Escuela La Flor students do not have the otherwise mandatory English lessons most schools in Costa Rica receive.  Go Tico! works with this community to offer English lessons to these students, who are thrilled and eager to not only learn from foreign teachers, but practice their language skills outside of class as well!  Outside of school, children often congregate in the plaza for pickup games of soccer or other outdoor activities and socializing.

The community of La Flor is incredibly welcoming and enjoy hosting visitors in their community.  Residents love to share their culture and are eager to engage with foreigners.  
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