Just what is "Tico"?

"Tico" is the informal name for a native Costa Rican. 


We want you to live (Go!) Tico while we help you explore this incredible country.  There are more than a few travel organizations leading expeditions here, but what makes Go Tico! different is that we work to show you authentic Costa Rica.  We coordinate immersion experiences where you live, eat and stay with small communities.  You visit amazing parks, see incredible wildlife, try fruit straight from the trees, and play a pickup game of soccer with locals away from the tourist hot spots. 

We provide school groups the chance to live in home stays, practice their Spanish, provide service to rural communities, and make lifelong friendships with Tico peers.  We work with schools to creatively fundraise, not only building community but also making these trips available to students regardless of economic status.

We design customized travel for groups with specific goals traveling to Costa Rica.  Part of a group of science teachers interested in professional development in one of the most ecologically diverse places on the planet?  A Zumba instructor looking to lead a retreat?  Coordinating a family get-together in some place tropical? Go Tico! will work with you to plan and host your trip.

We coordinate travel that groups, families and individuals can join to experience Costa Rica off the beaten path.  Find an predetermined itinerary that fits your style, pick your dates, and we'll look forward to picking you up at the airport in San Jose to get your adventure started.

Our main goal is to bring you to Authentic Costa Rica.  That is what Go Tico! is all about.

Mucho Gusto!



Director of Experiences (El Jefe)

Tico, born and raised.  Go Tico! was born out of a love for my community, my country and a dream to share what an amazing place Costa Rica is with anyone, young and old, who is interested in visiting! 

I work to find authentic, immersive opportunities for our groups to experience.  When planning trips, I look for places that are truly Costa Rican in their beauty & uniqueness and communities that are welcoming and eager to share their culture.  My hope is every traveler we take to Costa Rica experiences true Tico hospitality and leaves feeling like they were part of a Tico community.


Creator of Opportunities (La Jefa)

Midwestern, born and raised.  ​Having lived in rural Costa Rica, immersing myself in both the communities and language, I know what a life-changing experience immersion travel can be.  Go Tico! is our way of bringing that experience to groups of travelers of all ages.

I love to bring all pieces of a trip together: logistics, service, safety, and community & group compatibility.  Working on brainstorming what service experience will fit a particular group of travelers, rallying support for student fundraisers, and preparing groups to live and maximize their time in their Tico community is part of the role I play.  My hope is that travelers complete their trip feeling like they truly lived Tico in all forms: community, language, nature, food, and culture.