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So you love soccer, right?  Well, so do many of the Tico youth in our region! And what better way to share culture and develop friendships across borders than to have a passion or hobby in common?

GoTico! will bring together soccer players from outside Costa Rica to engage in five (5) days of soccer training with a Tico coach and instructor with more than 27 years of soccer experience, alongside Tico peers with a passion for the sport.  In addition, you'll engage in regional tourism excursions, before participating in an amicable weekend competition towards the end of the trip. By no means do you have to be headed towards a professional soccer career (although you could be:)… we invite any and all who simply have a true love for the sport. 


This camp is for soccer teams intere

Soccer has been my passion as long as I can remember. Many have seen me run after a ball since my first steps. I have experienced moments on the soccer fields that, although it may seem exaggerated, seem to stop time when I am playing. I am a father of 2 children, a husband, a high school teacher with 15 years experience, and soccer player for over 27 years.  Presently, I am preparing to be a federally-certified soccer coach.

I believe practicing any kind of sport is necessary for youth. Sports provide society with healthy entertainment, good values,  and better opportunities for those who practice it.  I love my community of Rio Cuarto and believe we need to give children and adolescents the opportunity to have spaces to practice sports, which is why my wife and I have established a soccer Academy here. In addition to developing soccer skills, our Academy fosters human development skills.  My teacher training makes me believe that through looking at sports through a holistic lens, you can help youth to be better people.


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Spend half your day in soccer training while you spend the rest of the time exploring some of what makes this region & community so amazing.

  • Hiking through a Biological Reserve, across the longest suspension bridge in the region
  • Exploring the Sarapiqui River by boat, spotting sloths, howler monkeys, iguanas, and maybe a caiman or two
  • Kayaking in an extinct volcanic crater, the deepest lake in Costa Rica
  • Taking a chocolate tour to learn about (and taste like crazy) this delicious fruit
  • Hiking to mountain waterfalls, taking in some of the most breathtaking view points of an entire mountain valley
  • Learning at Arenal National Park, located at the base of an incredible volcano
  • Ziplining through the treetops at a local thermal waters retreat
  • Experimenting with Tico cuisine in cooking classes with local residents
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