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You earned your vacation. Take the stress and uncertainty out of planning a trip to Costa Rica by letting a local/certified tour guide provide travel expertise and up-to-date destination intel.

Wellness Travel Guide

Wellness travel is about putting health & well-being at the center of travel. It's taking time to reclaim what on-the-go lifestyles have put on the back burner, well-being! If you want to know how to plan a wellness adventure for yourself or you and your family, GoTico! is the place for you. 


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Consult 1-on-1 with Sara and Johel who will provide you with all the latest intel on Costa Rica, and help make your dream vacation come to life.


Receive your tailored daily trip plan with details about lodging and dining, along with a whole array of destination-specific attractions.


Wellness Travel Planning


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3 Things to Consider: Planning, Personalizing, and Enjoying

The 3 Parts of Planning: Accommodation, Destinations, and Activities