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2020 will be one for the history books for sure, but we're hopeful. The impact of the pandemic has been great and life has come to a seeming halt. There have definitely been days where we sit down at our kitchen table at night (below is us, ready to work!), poised to tackle Go Tico! business and we just get stuck...there are so many questions that impact travel opportunities right now: when will borders open, when will classes resume, when will people be ready (for some of us, that answer may be sooner rather than later!:) But just like many small businesses in our communities, we've been planning and adapting and regrouping, preparing for what's ahead and looking for the light at the end of this COVID tunnel. Johel and I are so ready, our family is ready, many of our friends and colleagues are ready, when the time is right, we'll all get back to exploring, to traveling, to learning, and to connecting. We've been working own our website (and dreaming of the day when we can have a tech person on staff:), continuing to build connections and foster relationships virtually with families and partner schools in Costa Rica, and partnering in Madison with organizations (Yay, KEVA!) to spread the word of opportunities that will be there for everyone when they are ready to travel. We are getting ready to travel, and we're hoping you are too.

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