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Teachers: Get your students to Costa Rica (and come along for free!)

What could be a better experience for students then the opportunity to travel abroad with peers to one of the most beautiful countries on Earth? And for you as a teacher, being able to partner with someone who is your direct contact, knows the country inside and out and provides all the coordinating and hosting aspects of the trip while you travel for free?

Coordinating a trip for your students to Costa Rica with us is easy! As a family-run organization with directors who have lived in Costa Rica for many years, we will be your direct contact from day one. Our trips are truly immersive and very different from what you might find at a larger organization that emphasizes tourism in their student trips. Go Tico! trips can be customized to the needs of your particular group of students (and parents if they choose to come along!) within our region of Costa Rica.

Here’s what Go Tico! can offer:

  1. Programs for student groups of 8 - 30 students

  2. Flexible Accommodations:

  3. Homestays - all students in same small, rural community

  4. Cabins or small-hotel lodging

  5. Service projects within small communities & schools

  6. Academic Enrichment

  7. Library and Literacy support projects

  8. English classes

  9. General community service projects: community maintenance, recycling projects, etc.

  10. Community activity nights to integrate students with all community members

  11. Spanish Language immersion - optional

  12. Industrial Exploration

  13. Educational Tours about local industries: pineapple, chocolate, pepper, and more

  14. Regional Exploration

  15. Waterfalls, swimming, biological reserves, suspension bridges, hiking, wildlife rescues, and more!

  16. All coordinating and details

  17. Information for informational and orientation sessions for all prospective and registered students

  18. Registration payment plans

  19. Full hosting of your group from Airport pick up to drop off in San Jose

  20. In-country transportation

  21. All-expenses paid trip for chaperoning teacher (and assistants, depending on number of paying participants)

  22. Support from initial student recruitment to trip conclusion

Interested? Here’s how to start:

  1. Reach out to us! Contact Sara at

  2. Discuss timeline of trip, student language skills, and overall program goals

  3. Go Tico! designs trip itinerary and provides pricing

  4. Arrange initial informational meeting for prospective students

  5. Go Tico! handles all registration processing

  6. Arrange pre-trip orientations for registered students

  7. Go Tico! Directors meets you at the airport, ready to begin your adventure

Reach out now and prepare to take your students on the most life-changing experience of language, culture, cuisine, and friendship-building they’ll ever experience!

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