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Do We Really Know About Where We Are Living?

As a little kid, my life in rural Costa Rica was particularly different to the life any other kid or parent could imagine. My family was alway connected to pure nature in many ways without even realizing it. We sometimes fought nature and sometimes we helped it, and again, we didn’t know we were doing it. We understood very little about our surroundings and were oblivious to how dangerous or safe nature could be. Poisonous snakes, insects and plants were more common back then and we knew we were not supposed to interact with them; however, we were not exactly sure why. On the other hand, the sense of safety and “familiarity” was always there, even though we were not really familiar. We knew there were lots of plants that could make us feel better if we had a cold. Almost every family in town had a wild stingless honey bee colony in a wooden box for their own honey consumption and knew that these bees were safe and harmless. That sense of familiarity and being accustomed to being surrounded by a natural environment, helped us to feel safe and protected for some reason.

The way I lived back then, when I was little, is kind of blurry now, but I still have memories of moments that can really illustrate or draw a picture of how my little town’s dynamics were 30 or 35 years ago compared to what it is right now, which can also relate to most small rural town in Costa Rica.

This post is just an introduction to myself, Johel, and specific to the place I grew up, now my own family’s home base and host community to many of itineraries and travel experiences; however, it also will segue to a great number of posts related to where we are living right now, places we have visited, things we have learned, things we value and support in our natural world, and the reasons behind why we do what we do as an organization (Go Tico! Costa Rica). Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about our day to day experiences in our region of Costa Rica and the projects and the immersive travel opportunities we provide at Go Tico! Costa Rica.

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