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Customized Trips & Retreats
Here, Go Tico! designs a trip to meet the exact specifications of your group.  Recruit the group yourself, let us know what you are hoping to experience, and we do the rest.  Science teachers looking for professional development?  Spanish teachers looking for some cultural & language immersion?  Business group looking for a team building retreat?  Zumba instructor wanting a multi-day dance party in the tropics? Go Tico! can coordinate an itinerary that takes you off the beaten tourist track and meets your needs.  Even better?  If you commit to being the trip coordinator or retreat leader, your trip fee is waived! 

Trip Coordinator or Retreat Leader  Responsibilities

As a Trip Coordinator or Retreat Leader, you play two main roles in making your trip happen: 

  • Reach out and let us know your goals (we want to design the best trip possible for your group!)

  • Find the participants or travelers who will join you and be ready and willing to keep them in the loop with trip details

Who could be a Coordinator or Leader?

  • Dance or Yoga Instructors

  • Tai Chi Instructors

  • Anyone musical (drumming in the jungle? Yes, please!)

  • Teachers 

  • Professors

  • Professional Development Teams

  • Managers

  • Organizations

  • Club or Meetup Coordinator

  • The most organized person in your family or social group (yep, we coordinate friend and family vacations!)

  • Anyone, really, as long as you have a group and a travel goal

After that, Go Tico! handles the rest!

Our team will take care of putting together the full itinerary, including as much or as little as you specify.  We'll handle:

  • Website and social media promotion (you talking it up and posting one personal sites helps, too!)

  • Preparing the itinerary and pricing

  • Processing all registrations

  • Conducting an optional, pre-trip webinar or in-person meeting* to get everyone ready

  • Sending a Go Tico! host to ensure every aspect of the trip is handled as planned

As the Coordinator or Leader, in exchange for your commitment to engaging in the trip, helping with promotion and getting a group of 10+ participants, you'll receive your trip fee waived.**

Sounds awesome, right? 


Make it happen!  Reach out to us, and let's find a time to talk about planning a retreat to one of the most beautiful places on Earth!


Get information here.

*In-person meetings held within a limited distance of Madison, Wisconsin

**All Trip Coordinators or Retreat Leaders must commit to & successfully recruit required number of fee-paying participants to receive fee waiver.

Johel is heading to Costa Rica from February 12 - 18, 2020 for a familiarization trip:
Join him!
Room for up to three adults to do some intense traveling in the Northern Central Valley, checking out reserves, waterfalls, lakes and more! Email for details.